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WiFi Audio Dropouts.


Beware of the Bear...
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I have had a strange problem with audio streaming from Caroline Flashback, and the ABC Listen android apps for the past four or five weeks.

The problem started after I rebooted the Sagemcom when It lost the VOIP connection, got that back but lost the audio streams on wifi, the Chromebook, HP notebook, and two android smartphones were affected.

Checked out every thing I could in a locked down Sagemcom which was not very much, the audio stream worked ok on a ethernet connection though.

Made a crude comment on the Optus help forum / chat thingy what I thought of the Sagemcom being a %$#@#$^ &^%^ ^% %$#$.

Any way to cut to the chase I clicked on the Caroline app on the Chromebook yesterday and it streamed perfectly as if nothing had happened. It's working on all of the devices in the Win notebook.

Is it karma or will something bite me on the butt... :meh:

Lord Chance

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Sometimes my router has fits when I reboot it. As far as I can tell the poor thing get confused when trying to hand out IPs on the Wi-Fi side. Rebooting each device one at a time has helped but I assign all of my Wi-Fi device a static IP to keep any confusion down. Makes my home network a bit more secure also. I white list the IPs of my devices and their Mac address. :)

Don't worry about your Karma Mate. It is pristine as the fallen snow. As far as something coming back to bite you in the arse, just wear cast iron underwear like me. :lol: