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Welcome to 2020 from Iowa


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Happy New Year! and Best Wishes for an amazing 2020!

I hope this finds everyone well. The (not so) littles and I are good. We've been to Custer, South Dakota, for some time with the buffalo and nature's beauty. If you are in the States and have not yet been to South Dakota, I highly recommend that you find the time for a trip. We've also trekked to Kansas City (gotta have Waffle House!) and have been busy with family holidays. Everyone is in good health here, but we've got a few struggles - my son fights often with his personal demons and they apparently have decided that he's going to struggle in school. He and I clash often on time spent on homework versus time spent on video games. That's been an uphill battle for some time, so nothing really new :) My daughter moved out a few months back but still demands a fair bit of time and attention. I'm glad to be wanted though. She is working as a CNA (certified nursing assistant) for an in-residence home for medically challenged young people. She finds it very challenging and rewarding. My work is never quiet - the company is both growing (purchasing new businesses) and downsizing staff, so there is much to do. I'm grateful to be wanted there as well ;)

Our holidays were quiet. Kind of a nice change. Both kids were home (not surprising with my son!) so we had a lot of good family time. New Year's Eve brought me face to face with my 10-year wedding anniversary. I decided to offer my time to the On Call for work - kept me home, sober, and out of trouble. All good things AND there were no emergencies!

Iowa is 1 month away from 1st in the nation political caucuses, so we are covered in candidates, door knockers, poll takers and national reporters. They have been swarming around our communities like mosquitoes since mid-2018. This morning's news said that Iowa has 83 political events booked between now and February 3rd. Even as involved as I am in politics, I do look forward to February 4th - when they all leave our state and head to New Hampshire.

I'm hopeful for a quiet 2020. It would be nice to catch my breath....
All our love!

Lord Chance

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Sounds like the Good, the Bad and the Ugly. The Good part is your travels, spending time with your children and the memories. The Bad part is the trials that life can bring. Disappointments, work frustrations and thoughts of love no longer with us will color our lives but they do help make us stronger and appreciate the Good.

To find the Ugly you just have to look in the news. Politics! I am disappointed and angered by the state of politics. There isn't a bloody one of the candidates that I would vote for on both sides. Our great country is headed down at a rapid pace. Maybe I have said too much. Forgive me.

I wish you and the kids the best in the new year. Tell you son that if he loves video games soooo much then learn to create them then he would have the best of both worlds. Tell you daughter that I am proud of her. She has shown her heart and found her calling. As for you M'Lady, You are in my heart and prayers. You have been a friend and comfort for this old man. Thank you. :)