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Useful Windows 10 Shortcuts

Useful Windows 10 Shortcuts 2015-12-28


The sarcastic one
AndroidOS submitted a new resource:

Useful Windows 10 Shortcuts - Take a look at some of the new and more useful keyboard shortcuts

Windows 10 introduced many new features and with the new features came new keyboard shortcuts. Keyboard shortcuts are a useful feature that allow you to perform useful actions with just a few key presses; some of the newer and more useful keyboard shortcuts are listed below.
  • Windows key - Opens the Start menu
  • Windows key + A - Opens the Action Centre
  • Windows key + C - Opens Cortana, which will be listening for your command
  • Windows key + Tab -...
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Cap'n Crunch
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Windows key + R gives you the "run" command
Windows key + X gives you start button context menut
Windows key + Q Cortana voice input
Windows key + S Cortana text input
Windows key + E gives you file explorer
Windows key + D gives you desktop
Windows key + U gives you ease of access center
Windows key + I gives you the settings window
Windows key + P gives you monitor projection option window
Windows key + M minimizes your open window
Windows key + G gives you game DVR recorder
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Cap'n Crunch
iHF Master Craftsman
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WCG Team Member
The best thing about Windows is they'll never change (just add to) the shortcuts. So no matter what Microsoft do with the UI you'll always be able to get around if you know these
They changed one on me.

I used to use Ctrl+Alt+Pause/Break to get to the system window, and that is now Windows Key+Break.