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Solved Unidentified Network


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Everything looks good, if you are happy with the result then please do the following.

Download DelFix by "Xplode" to your Desktop.
Right Click the tool and Run as Admin ( Xp Users Double Click)
Put a check mark next the items below:

Remove disinfection tools
Create registry backup
Purge System Restore

Now click on "Run" button.
Allow the program to complete its work.
All the tools we used will be removed.
Tool will create and open a log report (DelFix.txt)
Note: The report can be located at the following location C:\DelFix.txt
Hello again,
Cleaned up as per above.

Thank you for your time and patience with this pc problem, just goes to show what great people we have here at the best forum. Problem solved and again, much appreciated.:mrgreen: