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Solved Streaming BT sports "6030 unable to playback video. err VC019"


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six and half a dozen.. I read it that the help page wouldn't load.. and not the router homepage wouldn't load..

That suggests you've managed to change the channel.. Has the change made any improvements to your sports viewing??
Yo! sorry for the delay. Bt plays alot better, it still jumps a bit and the buffering symbol (circle chasing its own tail)
comes up a couple of times a minute I've got to reload silverlight every day cos the puter updates itself everytime I switch off! When I switched to channel 11 the bt-WIFI with Fon also switched to channel 11


Network Specalist
You can stop updates
Click Start and type Silverlight.
Open the program and on the radio tab 'Updates' select 'Never check for updates' (together with a vunerability warning) Click OK and you shouldn't be bothered again

Stop Silverlight from checking for updates:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\SilverlightValue UpdateMode = 2 (DWORD)

BT home hubs are set to auto and change all the time the android app is handy to see if they change


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This is for Samuria, driver_ian and Malnutrition,
I would like to pass on my heart felt thanks for all the work you have done for me as regards bt sport, For the first time this season I was able to watch the whole GP, Thank you very much!
Do you have a donation system for keeping your site operational?
Thanks again!