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Samsung Galaxy J5 Pro Updated.


Beware of the Bear...
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I had the latest update to Android 8.1 (Oreo) for my phone pop up yesterday, as it has only been released for J5 and J7 pro range.

950 megs download and about 15 minutes worth of installation time, so eat your %$#^#@$ hearts out Oppo.

Usual bling type changes, a good selection of clocks for the lock screen, etc.

Samsung Galaxy J5 Pro SM-J530G Oreo Update 8.1 Official Firmware Other improvements
Bluetooth now supports high-quality audio codecs, including AAC and Sony LDAC.
Video player includes auto repeat and 2x speed option.
Voice Recorder provides smart tips to conveniently block calls while recording.
Email lets you flag Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync emails.
Samsung Health’s new sticky notification lets you see your step count at a glance.
The clock now includes a Landscape mode and timer sound options.
The digital clock widget goes directly to the Clock app when you tap it.
Samsung Pass added the ability to manage usernames and passwords in third-party apps.
Samsung Dual Messenger

Install a second copy of a messaging app so you can use two accounts at the same time. For apps that verify accounts using phone numbers, you’ll need a different phone number for each account.
Touch and hold a messaging app on the Home or Apps screen to install the second account or go to Settings – Advanced features – Dual Messenger.
Find My Mobile

Back up Secure Folder to Samsung Cloud remotely when your phone is lost.
Lock Samsung Pass using Find My Mobile.
Samsung DeX

See more apps at once by changing the app list view to full-screen.
Use Game launcher in Samsung DeX for a full-screen gaming experience.
Added support for 2 additional Samsung covers (LED View Cover, Clear View Standing Cover)

Lord Chance

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I don't have the phone but I like the Samsung Tablets. I have two Galaxy Tab E 9.6" tablets with Android 7.1. Got a nasty email from them the other day saying if I didn't start using their Cloud Service, they were going to close my account and delete my files. :lol: I says go ahead. I never used it anyway. I have my own private cloud server with 10 Tb of space.:p


Beware of the Bear...
iHF Veteran
WCG Team Member
I don't have the phone but I like the Samsung Tablets.
I have a Galaxy Tab 2, which does not get any more use. I cannot get any more updates for it so it's stuck on Kit Kat.

It was either Drop Box or M$ One Drive that is goung to delete my account, I use Google Drive for the few bit and pieces that I share with family and friend