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Information Next Gen Wi-Fi and New Naming Scheme

Lord Chance

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It appears official, Wi-Fi 6 will debut sometime in 2019 and from all reports there will be some exciting changes. Some of the changes are as follows.

  • Support for 8k streams (provided your Internet Supplier supports it.)
  • More bandwidth. The 2.4GHz band will now support 4 streams and the 5GHz band will support 8 streams.
  • Higher speeds. The 2.4GHz band should see speeds up to 1.1Gbit/s and the 5GHz band should see speeds up to 4.8Gbits/s. (Reports claim they have reached 10Gbit/s in the lab.)
  • Other claims of improved efficiency and better performance in crowded environments.
  • Finally, a new naming scheme. The next iteration will be called Wi-Fi 6. The older standards will be retroactively renamed as will.
You can check out Wi-Fi.org for more information on the new Wi-Fi Standard and the coming changes.