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MonkeyMagic (Robin)


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For those of you not on FB, our old friend Robin had a bit of bad luck with the local religious faction. While he, Danielle and the kids were away visiting family, his home was paint bombed. A copy of his FB post from 07/12 is posted below. The room that was hit belongs to their son, Aiden. I'm not aware of any updates regarding capture or arrest of those responsible. The local police didn't collect evidence until days after Robin and his family returned from their holiday away. Please send positive thoughts their way.


Lord Chance

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@DCiAdmin - Please convey my concern and best wishes to Robin and family. Hate is so prevalent in the world and for no reason than something as minor as difference of religion. My thoughts are to respect the person for who they are and overlook the differences because they are things we don't understand. :)