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Conversation Looking for social networking or dating script/software help..


iHF Newbie
Hi. I'm looking for a social networking or datingscript/software with the following features:
> Standalone script/software to be used on my own server (no hosted solutions).
> Supports mobile devices. Users can view my website, edit their profile and upload photos from their mobile phone.
Someone suggest me about it : datingscript.net
How it is ?
Can anyone recommend a few popular scripts? Thanks.

Lord Chance

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Greetings Creazyvan and welcome to iHelp Forum,

Any server/client software package depends on the environment you plan to run it on. There are many options that run on Windows or LINUX servers. It has been a while since I have looked into scripts for web site but I believe HotScripts.com has the best selection. Etano Community Builder Script has many features and may be worth a look. I quit building web sites a few years ago so I can only direct you to sites that may have what you are seeking. I apologize for not being more helpful. :)