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Solved I would love to put Linux Mint 3 on this computer...

Presiding Cat

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Greetings PC Experts...

I volunteer at a local thrift shop, and part of my duties is to check the computer accessories such as scanners key boards mice etc.

So in order to do that I need a computer that connects to the web wirelessly... And I am currently working on an old one that was donated... It is an Compaq Presario AMD Athlon[tm] 64 Processor 3700+ 219 Ghz with 2 GB of RAM... Currently running XP

I have an old wireless extension card (also donated) And there is no brand name or manufacture identification on it... It was made in China... So I have not been able to find a driver for it...

I am considering purchasing a new one that has Linux Drivers for it... My question is does Linux automatically find drivers for these parts like Windows does.?


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Normally yes. With the old card you have found see if there are any numbers on the main chip. This may identify it, other than that plug it in and see if the o/s spots it?


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Might also give snappy driver installer a try. Also, drivermax. These two tools will find the drivers for you. And if you are dealing with a lot of old PC then you might consider likenewpc.net they have a software to cleanup trash from co.puters


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Mal - suggest you provide links for the products you are recommending so PCat doesn't end up downloading the wrong program.
Remember he wants drivers for Linux not Winders as he wants to install Linux Mint Wizard.

@ Cat, you asked a similar question a while back about drivers and linux. Linux has a shed load of drivers so you would have a 99.9% chance of getting it working...

Presiding Cat

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Thank you all of you...

I think I will Duel Boot Linux and XP.

The Ven # is 1814... The Dev # is 0301... The Company is Ralink Technology Corp.

The chip Description is Ralink RT2561 Wireless-G PCI

On May 5, 2011 Ralink was bought by the Taiwanese company MediaTek.

As can be seen in the article Comparison of open-source wireless drivers, drivers for MediaTek Ralink wireless network interface controllers were mainlined into the Linux kernel version 2.6.24. Ralink provides GNU General Public License-licensed (GPL) drivers for the Linux kernel. While Linux drivers for the older RT2500 chipsets are no longer updated by Ralink, these are now being maintained by Serialmonkey's rt2x00 project. Current Ralink chipsets require a firmware to be loaded. Ralink allows the use and redistribution of the firmwares, but does not allow their modification.

In February 2011 Greg Kroah-Hartman praised Ralink for their change in attitude towards the Linux kernel developer community:

As you can see in these posts, Ralink is sending patches for the upstream rt2x00 driver for their new chipsets, and not just dumping a huge, stand-alone tarball driver on the community, as they have done in the past. This shows a huge willingness to learn how to deal with the kernel community, and they should be strongly encouraged and praised for this major change in attitude.

So far I have been unsuccessfull in my attempts to locate the Driver.

I have also downloaded snappy driver installer on my linux computer... Have not figured out how to get it to work... Might try downloading it on XP...

Presiding Cat

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Thanks CD... XP is now connected wirelessly...
I understand that installing Drivers in Linux is a different procedure...
Perhaps the driver might be installed as I install Linux Mint.?