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How to setup your new PC

How to setup your new PC


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AndroidOS submitted a new resource:

How to set up your new PC - Remove bloatware from your new PC & quickly install needed software

Off-the-shelf computers typically need a bit of work done to them to make them the best they can be - think of all the programs you have to install (office suites, anti-virus programs etc), all the settings you have to tweak and so on. It quickly becomes a headache! Thankfully, there are a few handy tools we can use to speed up this process.

Remove pre-installed bloatware

Many branded computers come with pre-installed software that slow down your computer, and you don't really need....
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Christmas 2015 draws ever closer. The instruction provided here by iHF's own AndroidOS (Matt) is still pertinent for anyone giving or receiving a new computer for the holidays.

Have a quick read of our easy to follow instruction to remove the unnecessary software preinstalled by the manufacturer. Matt also makes some excellent freeware suggestions for installation on the new PC.

I hope your holidays are blessed!


The sarcastic one
AndroidOS updated How to setup your new PC with a new update entry:

New Download Link

The download link for Decrap My Computer has changed. To download Decrap My Computer, click here and click the big Download Now button.

Note: Ignore any popups about jv16 PowerTools 2016 Sneak Peek. This is software provided by the same developer as Decrap My Computer, but it has not been released yet. You can simply click the cross at the top right of the popup to close it.
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