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Information FireFox not opening maximized

Lord Chance

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If you just updated the FireFox browser and find that it will not open maximized then maybe this will help.

  1. Open FireFox and type "about:config" in the address bar.
  2. Search for the entry "privacy.resistFingerprinting" and set it from "True" to "False".
  3. Close FireFox then reLaunch. It should now operate normally.
Per Mozilla, this is a feature and not a bug....

When "privacy.resistFingerprinting" is enabled, the width of the content rectangle in a new window is set to a multiple of 200 pixels, and the height is set to a multiple of 100 pixels. New windows are never maximized.

This behavior was introduced to protect users from being fingerprinted (identified or tracked) by their window size or by their screen size. The idea is not to randomize window size, but rather to make users look identical to fingerprinting scripts.
Regardless of their definition, it is assuredly a P.I.T.A.:caution: