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data encrypted


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Recently my data on Windows 7 were locked by Onion ransomware (here is some information about it that I found on the internet). Is there any tools that I can try to recover the encrypted files? I don't have any backups.


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Hello Shellyss,

If this indeed true and just not a clever ploy to drive traffic to that website, I'm not seeing a decryption tool that is available at present that I would recommend.

Spyhunter, a tool recommended by many "guides" on the internet, has a questionable reputation at best.

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If you have fallen victim to the Dharma ransomware virus you may check the Trend Micro or Kaspersky website for a decryption tool but before you try to decrypt your files you need to remove the virus from your computer. I believe Dharma is a variant of CrySiS family of ransomware so you need to be sure.