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A Cold Spell Is A Coming To Eastern Australia...


Beware of the Bear...
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Much of south-east Australia is bracing for a burst of cold weather over the weekend with temperatures set to drop to zero in many locations in New South Wales, Victoria, South Australia and Tasmania.
Get you wooly underdungs and coats out, cut a shipload of firewood if you have a fireplace or combustion stove. We just might get a few cold mornings where we are.

This is a interactive map, which does not require a external player, just the player that is built into good browsers, not sure about IE as that has stopped working on my box I think...



I Like It Here
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Didn't think it got cold up in gods country Bear, 5 degrees C here this morning in the state of Gallen, poor soul he's stressed out. There's a brass monkey searching the front lawn for something amongst the white. But hey it's winter.


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Been having fun with it too. Thanks for posting. Do they have it as an APP would like to add to Ipad.