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Using HP Backup and Recovery Manager

HP Backup and Recovery Manager saves your computer's software image on Recovery Discs (CDs or DVDs). You have the flexibility to save both the original factory software image that came with your HP computer and your software image that includes your customizations and data. These Recovery Discs enable full recovery of your computer should a critical hardware failure occur.

HP Backup and Recovery Manager allows you to:

  • Create Recovery Discs
  • Backup individual files and folders
  • Backup open or locked application files (such as .pst files)
  • Backup data to hidden partition on the user's local hard drive*
  • Backup data to a secondary hard drive, CD-R, DVD-R, flash media or network drive (recommended)
  • Scheduled backups and restore point snapshots
  • Create system recovery points

System Recovery: This option reformats the system drive (usually C:\, reinstalls the original operating system, and reinstalls all the original hardware drivers and software. System Recovery does not impact user created partitions. If there are two hard drives, System Recovery modifies only the drive with the operating system.

Factory Reset: The Factory Reset option returns all of the notebook's software to the condition it was in at the time of purchase. All user changes or additions are removed.

To start the program choose Start>All Programs>Recovery Manager>Recovery Manager

Click System Recovery under I Need Help Immediately

If you wish to restore to factory condition choose Yes, click Next and confirm the restore

Note: Should you wish to retain any data on the machine you will be taken through another set of options for backing up data.
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