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Useful Windows 10 Shortcuts

Useful Windows 10 Shortcuts 2015-12-28

Operating System
Windows 10
Windows 10 introduced many new features and with the new features came new keyboard shortcuts. Keyboard shortcuts are a useful feature that allow you to perform useful actions with just a few key presses; some of the newer and more useful keyboard shortcuts are listed below.
  • Windows key - Opens the Start menu
  • Windows key + A - Opens the Action Centre
  • Windows key + C - Opens Cortana, which will be listening for your command
  • Windows key + Tab - Opens up Task View (this let's you see the different apps and desktops you have open)
  • Windows key + Ctrl + D - Create a new virtual desktop
  • Windows key + Ctrl + F4 - Close the current desktop
  • Windows key + L - Lock the computer
  • Window key + D - Show the current desktop (minimises all windows)
  • Alt + PrtScn - Take a snapshot of the current window
These are just a small selection of the keyboard shortcuts available for you to use. Thankfully, Microsoft has created a handy document that lists all of the keyboard shortcuts and their actions - you can download this here.

Some of the other programs you use may also have some useful shortcuts, and it is always worth checking a program's documentation to see if this is the case. For example, many web browsers have the following shortcuts available:
  • Ctrl + T - Open a new tab
  • Ctrl + Tab - Cycle through open tabs
  • Ctrl + D - Bookmark the current page
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