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Password Security On The Internet

Worried about Phishing emails? Well you should be. However, the attempts to get at your personal data don't end there.

Facebook, because of its massive popularity worldwide, has become a haven for people seeking to ruin your day. They'll send you a Facebook message!

These messages appear so innocuous and so appropriate in the Facebook setting that you are likely to not only get conned, but pass on the scam.

In just this past year social networks have soared to 4th from 17th most treacherous web terrain -- behind porn and software-sharing sites, which if you know anything about the Internet and computers you know to avoid.

What makes Facebook so ripe for the picking?

Well, it starts with a simple thing: your password. In today's world we have passwords for everything, from your bank account to your email, and even computers themselves.

Logic dictates you use the same password and you're golden, right? Wrong! Hackers and n'er do-well's have taken advantage of the fact that most people think like this. They compromise one thing and they have them all!

The key here is strong passwords (see here for a tutorial from Microsoft) and using separate passwords for everything. Even that sometimes is not enough.

If you are smart enough to have separate passwords for Facebook and your financial accounts, crooks get at you through a variety phishing attempts that you might think are Facebook games and widgets.

But look closely and you'll realize that they deliver answers to all of your bank's security questions -- and possibly clues to your passwords -- right into the hands of the crooks.

Facebook is rampant with user created "surveys" aimed at getting access to this information and a vast majority of them have been successful.

Solution? Create strong security questions as well. Even nonsensical data that only you would know. Example:

What is your favorite food?


Notice how the answer is still pizza but in such a way that you'll remember you wrote it, and more difficult and time consuming for the hacker to guess?

An informative article on security questions can be read here

More info on Facebook:

biggest-facebook-security-threats: Personal Finance News from Yahoo! Finance
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