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Outlook 2013, 2016 or 365 Script Error

Resolve an error when opening Outlook to Outlook Today page

  1. DCiAdmin
    Operating System:
    If you are met with Script Error, Line 278, Char 1. Error: "Library not registered", this can be easily corrected. The error occurs when opening to the Outlook Today page of Outlook 2013, 2016 or 365. It is likely that you have had an earlier version of Office installed, and Outlook Today is trying to open an old page. Here are the steps to resolve.
    1. Close Outlook
    2. Open the registry editor by typing REGEDIT in the Search or Run box
    3. Locate the key - HKEY CLASSES ROOT\Typelib\{0006F062-0000-0000-C00-000000000046}
    4. Right Click on the Key and Select EXPORT to keep a backup (just in case)
    5. In that folder, you will find at least 2 keys - 1.0 and 1.1 or 1.2. 1.0 is from an older version of Office, 1.1 is from Office 2010, and 1.2 is Office 2013, 2016, or 365.
    6. Delete the 1.0 key - HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\Typelib\{0006F062-0000-0000-C00-000000000046}\1.0
    7. Close the Registry editor
    8. Reopen Outlook.
    Your issue should be resolved.