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Downgrading Windows 8

So you don't like that Windows 8 computer you got? Unfortunately, there is no option available that will preserve settings but you can do a fresh install of an Operating System of your choice in some cases. For this tutorial we will be using Windows 7

Hewlett Packard does not support downgraded Operating Systems, however Microsoft does offer a Downgrade Path and per the End User License Agreement you do have the right to downgrade a machine running Windows 8 Pro.

But there is a rather large elephant in the room. HP has reported it has not tested all its hardware used for Windows 8 machines on Windows 7, so many features may be unavailable.

Still want to do it? To take advantage of your Windows 8 Pro downgrade rights, you need installation media (such as DVD or USB key) for Windows 7 Professional or Windows Vista Business. You also need a valid product key for the older OS. Microsoft says it's fine to use a product key currently in use on another machine; you just need the old code to get past the product key request during installation.
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